Monday, January 30, 2012

PinkLeopard Icons

PinkLeopard Token

Icons by brsev, skinned by me :)

PinkLeopard BeWeather Icon Set


Tonight's Screenie

BW: PinkLeopard
Clock: mClock (Mi-Genie with modified skin)

PinkGlitter Icons

PinkGlitter Token

Icons created by brsev, skinned by me :)

CandyStripe Icons

CandyStripe Token

Icon creator brsev (skinned by me)

Polka Icons


These are a re"styled" version of the Token icons from brsev

Today's Screenie

BW: Polka
Clock (mClock- mi-genie gray skin)
Wallpaper: I got this wall from Julie at LuvMyEvo

Polka BeWeather Icon Set


Sunday, January 29, 2012

CandyStripes BeWeather Icon Set


CandyStripes and Polka BeWeather Icon Sets

Today's Screenie

BW: PinkGlitter
Clock: mClock (Miui- Revamped HotPink)

Pink Glitter BeWeather Icon Set

PinkGlitter BeWeather Icon Set


BabyPinkDoile- BeWeather Icon Set


Dreamz- BeWeather Icon Set


VBender Walls

I get asked a lot if I have any wallpapers from vbender. I do have some and have resized them for my phone. I still have the original 480x360 size but the ones in this link are 960x800. I got permission from vbender to post her walls.

Wallpapers- Various