Friday, October 10, 2014

How To Make Beweather Icon Sets

How to make Beweather icon sets for Android/Blackberry

One way to create a set:

Items needed 
First, make sure you have 7-zip installed on your computer. If you do not then search for it on google, download, then install.
  • Next download any icon pack from my blog (or any set) and put it on your desktop.

    How to:
    Create a new folder on your desktop called anything you want.

    The icon packs are in a .bwi format. Locate the .bwi file on your computer and right click on it. Move your mouse cursor down to 7-zip, then select Open Archive. Or select “open with” and select 7-zip. Basically this allows you to edit the file (including zips and apks) without unzipping or decompiling. Select all the icons and drag them over to that New Folder you created on your desktop. Now you will be able to open the icons and edit them.

    Edit the icons: Basically just do that. Use your favorite program like gimp, Microsoft Paint, Photoshop, etc. to open the pic and edit it. Make sure you save the icon back to the same name it originally was

    When you are done editing your icons, go back to the .bwi file and use 7-zip to open the archive once again. Now that the archive is open, go ahead and open back up the New Folder you created. You should have both folders open now. Select all the icons from the new folder and drag them into the Archive of 7-zip. A box with pop up asking if you’re sure you want to copy files to that YES. 
    WARNING: anytime you use this method you MUST be sure that the files you’re adding are NAMED THE SAME or it won’t work right.

    Now that you’re done moving icons, you can rename the file to anything you want by right clicking on the .bwi file and selecting Rename. Just be sure to keep it a .bwi file.

Another way to create a set:      
Take a set from my blog (or any set) and download it to your computer. Change the extension .bwi to .zip and extract the icons. This shows you the names each icon needs to be.

Create your icons using the exact same names as the set you extracted. When done, zip up your set. Make sure you don’t zip the folder you have your icons in, but instead, highlight all your icons and zip at that level. Name it whatever you want. 

Transfer your zipped file to your phone. Locate it and rename it by changing the .zip to .bwi. Move the file to your Beweather folder.